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This meeting point offers its hearing-impaired-accessible rooms for meetings, assemblies and courses for the hearing-impaired in northwestern Switzerland and their institutions. The rooms can also be used by third parties for internal club events, celebrations and external events.


Rooms and equipment:

The rooms are equipped for the hearing impaired with all technical aids. There is a stair lift for access to the toilets in the basement, as well as a mobile ramp for access to the deaf center from the sidewalk. The center can of course also be rented by hearing people. We warmly welcome you now.

Size of the rooms:

Deaf center (hall) 11 x 5.5m = approx. 60m2
Kitchen (cafeteria) 6 x 4m = approx. 25m2

The hall can accommodate up to a maximum of 50 people

The rooms are suitable for:
– Courses
– Meetings
– Workshops
– private events (birthday parties, etc.)


The rooms are equipped with:

– mobile projector (on request), laptop
– TV monitor with HDMI connection
– Barbecue and barbecue area in the front garden
– Stair lift to the toilets in the basement
– Mobile ramp for access from the sidewalk to the center

TheReservation formcan be found in the menu under Deaf Center / Usage and Reservation.

Viktor Buser is responsible for questions.
Telephone 062 511 13 36
Send e-mail
IBAN CH75 0900 0000 6140 1519 8

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